Shadow in sun

Just love the little pink tongue sticking out at me. Saucy kitty.

Just love the little pink tongue sticking out at me. Saucy kitty.


Kitchen Experiments

So Sunday, facing the fact that I would be sitting in a dentist’s chair the next day to have a temporary crown put on a tooth, I did the only thing I could think of… I baked.

Well it was more of experimental baking. See, I have this lovely recipe that I cobbled together after being exposed to something called Hot Fudge Pie. Back when I was in high school, I came up to Oxford and got taken to a place called The Hoka. They served food, showed movies, was totally quirky, and I loved it. I loved the pie even more. I came home raving about the pie, and immediately decided that I needed to figure out how to make this, because driving 4 hours for pie wasn’t a good thing, no matter how good that pie was.

A few months of experimentation later, and I thought I nailed it. Moans of joy were heard from the test subjects. I had a chance to go back to The Hoka and try their pie again, and I leapt at the chance. Mom and I sat down to the pie, took a happy healthy bite… and blinked. We finished it, left, and Mom looked at me and said, “I like yours better. Don’t know what you did, but yours is better.” Color me pleased, and the recipe was written down as finished.

The problem with Hot Fudge Pie is that it needs to be hot: either from being fresh from the oven or reheated in some fashion. I just make mine, cool it in the fridge, then reheat it in the microwave before dropping vanilla ice cream on top. It makes it easier to cut and plate up when it’s all rigid and cold. 😉

So I started thinking that small bits of Hot Fudge Pie would be lovely. Something small to nuke for 10 or 15 seconds, put a little dab of something creamy and cold on top, then pop into your mouth. With that thinking, I took my usual recipe for Hot Fudge Pie and made it bite-sized.

And now, we have this:

Hot Fudge Tartlets with Sweetened Vanilla Whipped Cream

Hot Fudge Tartlets with Sweetened Vanilla Whipped Cream

Hot Fudge Tartlets, with Sweetened Vanilla Whipped Cream. And just like with the original Hot Fudge Pie, test subjects who got a hold of these promptly moaned in joy and demanded about 20 or so more of them to eat. Alas, the test subjects were denied, as it was too close to supper. 😉

The good thing, though, is that I have another 13 or so of these for us to eat soon. Because, oh my stars, these are wonderful. /swoon

Sick, sorta

I’ve spent most of the day feeling sick to my stomach. When I came home for lunch, I even ended up not eating and just taking a nap. I felt a little better when I got up to head back to work, but it only took half an hour to get back to feeling blech.

So now I’m piled up in bed, trying to stay awake for a little bit longer, watching TV with Matt. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. One more day to get through, then I have a weekend.

Yellow Field

Today I got off work early to drive Mom to a doctor visit. It was a bit of a drive, as this particular doctor was an hour and a half away in Greenwood, right in the middle of the Mississippi Delta. We took “back” roads for part of the trip, and as we were driving, we came across several fields that were filled with tiny yellow flowers. The best we can figure is those particular fields have been left fallow for a while after growing hay, and the wildflowers have taken over. But it did make for a nice bright sunny surprise in the otherwise uneventful drive.



I sat in the car While waiting on Mom to get back to the car from running errands today. After I got done eating, I was idly looking around when I got struck by an image in my head, brought on by some trees in front of the brick wall of the shop that Mom was in. It was the first time in a while I’ve actually looked at something and gone “…I know exactly what that needs to look like as a finished product.”

So here’s the starting point: a photo of the trees and the wall…


Now to figure out if I’m doing it in watercolor/colored pencil or attempting to get back into acrylics again.


So yeah, whoops, missed my first post here yesterday. Three and a half months of posts isn’t too bad for missing one! But I did have a good excuse. Several actually.

I got woken up at 7am, much early than I anticipated being awake, due to Matt slamming doors on his way to get his shoes, then stomping outside to shoo Mom’s dogs away from the mole that one of them had killed. Fortunately, sort of, they had just killed it and were playing with it’s corpse, not actually eating it (ick). He flung it over the fence via a nearby shovel and they spent the next 30 minutes snuffling around the yard trying to find it.

After that, I lay in bed trying to sleep, and failing. After a while, I just gave up and read for a bit til hunger drove me to the kitchen. Matt had left for work, so it was just Mom and I. We ate breakfast, then both of us started getting into chores.

Yesterday, I cleaned our bedroom and have it mostly straightened. I still have a few spots to do but it’s better. Then I tackled the computer room. I have to make a stop at Walmart for some CAT-5 cables, and then I can finish in there by moving my desk. Then it was moving a buffet/sideboard to another room. Then it was baking a cake. Did I mention the 3 loads of laundry? Ugh.

So my plans to turn into a lump failed miserably. But I feel like I got stuff done. Good stuff. Problem is that I’m now exhausted from doing all of that. Blerg.

I started thinking and it hit me: it’s been over a year since I’ve been on vacation. I’m worn out. It’s no wonder I’m exhausted and snippy. I need a couple of days to myself at home with no responsibilities. So at some point I’m going to talk to my boss and see if what I think is going to happen to my vacation time is right, which means I could get some time off now, instead of waiting until September. Cos if I have to wait, I’m not real sure I’ll make it. ^^;