Shadow in sun

Just love the little pink tongue sticking out at me. Saucy kitty.

Just love the little pink tongue sticking out at me. Saucy kitty.


Kitchen Experiments

So Sunday, facing the fact that I would be sitting in a dentist’s chair the next day to have a temporary crown put on a tooth, I did the only thing I could think of… I baked.

Well it was more of experimental baking. See, I have this lovely recipe that I cobbled together after being exposed to something called Hot Fudge Pie. Back when I was in high school, I came up to Oxford and got taken to a place called The Hoka. They served food, showed movies, was totally quirky, and I loved it. I loved the pie even more. I came home raving about the pie, and immediately decided that I needed to figure out how to make this, because driving 4 hours for pie wasn’t a good thing, no matter how good that pie was.

A few months of experimentation later, and I thought I nailed it. Moans of joy were heard from the test subjects. I had a chance to go back to The Hoka and try their pie again, and I leapt at the chance. Mom and I sat down to the pie, took a happy healthy bite… and blinked. We finished it, left, and Mom looked at me and said, “I like yours better. Don’t know what you did, but yours is better.” Color me pleased, and the recipe was written down as finished.

The problem with Hot Fudge Pie is that it needs to be hot: either from being fresh from the oven or reheated in some fashion. I just make mine, cool it in the fridge, then reheat it in the microwave before dropping vanilla ice cream on top. It makes it easier to cut and plate up when it’s all rigid and cold. 😉

So I started thinking that small bits of Hot Fudge Pie would be lovely. Something small to nuke for 10 or 15 seconds, put a little dab of something creamy and cold on top, then pop into your mouth. With that thinking, I took my usual recipe for Hot Fudge Pie and made it bite-sized.

And now, we have this:

Hot Fudge Tartlets with Sweetened Vanilla Whipped Cream

Hot Fudge Tartlets with Sweetened Vanilla Whipped Cream

Hot Fudge Tartlets, with Sweetened Vanilla Whipped Cream. And just like with the original Hot Fudge Pie, test subjects who got a hold of these promptly moaned in joy and demanded about 20 or so more of them to eat. Alas, the test subjects were denied, as it was too close to supper. 😉

The good thing, though, is that I have another 13 or so of these for us to eat soon. Because, oh my stars, these are wonderful. /swoon

Sick, sorta

I’ve spent most of the day feeling sick to my stomach. When I came home for lunch, I even ended up not eating and just taking a nap. I felt a little better when I got up to head back to work, but it only took half an hour to get back to feeling blech.

So now I’m piled up in bed, trying to stay awake for a little bit longer, watching TV with Matt. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. One more day to get through, then I have a weekend.